TV Squad wrap-up

It was a fun ride for five and a half years, but my time at TV Squad and AOL came to an end in May. But I was a busy bee for them during that time (or a busy beaver, depending on your hurried species of choice), doing weekly recaps on a bunch of shows, including ‘Glee’ (whoo boy, did that get tough by the end of the season), ‘Modern Family,’ and — of course — ‘How I Met Your Mother.’

You can read my posts here.

Some Q&As I did for them in 2011:

Mark Burnett (5/20/11)

Mike Schur of ‘Parks and Recreation’ (5/20/11)

Paul Lieberstein of ‘The Office’ (5/18/11)

Chris Colfer (5/17/11)

Damon Wayans (4/27/11)

Diane Lane (4/22/11)

Ryan Stiles (4/20/11)

Norm MacDonald (4/19/11)

Bill Lawrence (4/16/11)

Andy Cohen (4/7/11)

Bethenny Frankel (3/25/11)

John Oliver (3/23/11)

John Lithgow (3/17/11)

Heather Locklear (3/4/11)

Craig Ferguson (2/18/11)

William Shatner (2/3/11)

Stephen Merchant (1/21/11)