A new podcast is in town — Antenna Free TV!

Antenna Free TV

Ok, a few weeks ago I referred to a big surprise that was coming. Of course, it wasn’t on the level of a big spoiler or anything; all anyone had to do to find out what it was was to ask. But what I decided was that the old TV Squad podcasts I used to do were so much fun that I wanted to start them up on my own. So with the help of Jason Hughes, who was my usual co-host on those old Podcasts, we’ve started Antenna Free TV.

For now, the new site will only contain the podcast; any musings by me or anyone else about TV can be found there (of course, I still get paid to muse about TV, but it’s just scattered a bit). The plan is for Jason and I to do the podcast weekly with someone from around the TV landscape, whether they’re a fellow critic, someone who manages a fan site, or maybe even a few people who work on actual TV shows. One thing is, though, we’re going to shoot the breeze and generally try to have fun while we record the thing.

The first official podcast is up; you can either listen to it here, download it via this link, subscribe to the RSS feed, or subscribe via iTunes.


2 thoughts on “A new podcast is in town — Antenna Free TV!

  1. @Edward… I’d love to write for TV Line, if they’ll have me. Believe me, I’ve asked over there and, for right now, they’re running a pretty small ship, so they’re full up on writers.

    Not to worry… You can see my Q&As at New York Magazine’s Vulture site and at the AV Club, and I’ve been writing about the Emmys at Zap2It. I’ve also lined up another gig that I can’t talk about right now, but looks to be a fun one. Stay tuned…

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