The Daily Beast – Celebrities galore

The Daily Beast logoI recently started doing interviews with various entertainment luminaries at The Daily Beast.

Here is a collection of my posts.

Amy Poehler: The Very Funny Interview – Amy Poehler jokes around and talks about Parks and Recreation. (4/9/09)

Denis Leary to the Rescue – Denis Leary (along with co-creator Peter Tolan) talk about the upcoming season of Rescue Me, and Leary talks about his autism controversy and the continuing comparisons to Bill Hicks. (4/7/09)

Josh Schwartz on Life After Gossip Girl – The prolific producer talks about his new web series, Gossip Girl spoilers, working on Chuck, and teenage angst. (3/23/09)

Bryan Cranston: Daddy Runs a Meth Lab – The Emmy winner talks about Breaking Bad, directing himself, and being the original re-gifter. (3/8/09)

What Holly Hunter Owes Tony Soprano – The Oscar-winning actress talks about Saving Grace, and how cable changed her career. (2/27/09)

What’s Eating Kevin Bacon? – the actor talks about his HBO movie Taking Chance, about getting past his Footloose image early on, and about finally putting Bernie Madoff to rest. (2/19/09)

Will TV Slay Joss Whedon? – The geek auteur talks about Dollhouse: the rewrites and reshoots, the Friday night slot, how he’s confident that this isn’t another Firefly, and if Dr. Horrible will get a sequel. (1/28/09)