Older Essays

Back Stories: My cubiclemate broke my heart. (PDF)
Jane, November 2006

An Encyclopedic Grasp of Hanukkah
The Washington Post, 12-26-2005

The Blue Plate, Special – Essay about my ancient blue NJ license plates
The New York Times, 02-08-2004

Good Food, Good Times, and Bad Fat – Essay about Italian hot dogs and good times
The New York Times, 04-24-2005

The Mall You Call Home
The New York Times, 08-28-2005

Guide-ing Light – Essay about the decline of the old TV Guide
mediabistro, 09-12-2005

Huffington Post Blog – I write every so often for HuffPo. Here are my entries.
Huffington Post, periodic

PCs Killed the Mix Tape Star
Salon, 01-22-2004

Want to Stop your Job from Being Outsourced? Join a Union.
Salon, 11-06-2003