Some new stuff for your viewing pleasure

I know… I haven’t blogged for a while.

Oh, well. I’m a person who really doesn’t feel like he should be a slave to his blog. I think it might be that I don’t have enough interesting things to say to post that often. But mostly it’s because I need to make money and the damned skinflints that run this place don’t pay me at all.

Speaking of work, here are some new clips for you to peruse:

Just out: A story I did for New Jersey Monthly on Cash Cab host Ben Bailey.

Also just out: An interview with comedian Lewis Black that I did for TV Squad.

Also also just out: I wrote two blurbs in the Feb/Mar. issue of Amtrak’s magazine, Arrive. My stories on March Madness and the musical of “Cry-Baby” are on pages 16 and 18, respectively.

From about a week ago: A TV Squad interview I did with the guys from MTV’s Human Giant.

From last month: An essay for New Jersey Monthly about the near future of my town, good ol’ Morristown, NJ.

I think that’s it. More goodness to come, including an interview I did with Barry Williams (yes, *the* Greg Brady), which should be posted on TV Squad next week.

2 thoughts on “Some new stuff for your viewing pleasure

  1. Joel, like Dave, when you post, you always have something of merit to say, but because you guys are well balanced, and do not cry piss and moan your hearts out. You wise men get less blog traffic. Do not let this discourage you from sharing your knowledge, and expressing your feelings. You sages need to start supporting each other. I love a good train wreck as well as anybody, but in the end it is only cheap entertainment to wallow in some other’s misfortune. Keep up the good work.

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