Amtrak, a new feature, and comment pork products

A few quick items:

  • I have a blurb about NJ Devils’ owner Jeff Vanderbeek in the January / February issue of Arrive, Amtrak’s in-train magazine. You can read a digital copy of the magazine here; my contribution is on Page 12.
  • On Monday, I’m rolling out a new feature on this blog; for now I’m calling it “Dead Article Theater”. It will consist of articles that were killed by the publications I wrote them for, or essays that never found a home after years of submissions. The first piece is an interview I did last April with a very funny comedian that anyone who listened to a certain radio show would know pretty well. Stay tuned.
  • Finally… I’m getting a lot of comment sp*m. Since I moderate comments, I delete them before they ever get published on the blog. But they seem to be coming in at a more rapid pace than ever. Any of you veteran bloggers figure out a way to stop the sp*m? The only way I’ve seen is to use HaloScan, which of course takes the comments off my server. Any ideas? Let me know in the comments (I’ll make sure I approve them if you’re not already approved. Honest).

3 thoughts on “Amtrak, a new feature, and comment pork products

  1. TD says:

    use better blogging software that has at least some level of authentication. not sure if this one does, but i’m about to find out.

  2. Your comment went through, TD, because I’ve already approved you as a commenter. I’ve investigated other methods, and none of them are foolproof. I could have users log in to comment, but that seems too restrictive to me.

  3. TD says:

    yeah, that’s so restrictive. the same with having the user key in a few random letters/numbers for verification. you wouldn’t want to impose such a restriction on all of your commenters.

    maybe you can ask the spambots nicely.

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