Yo La Tengo does Hanukkah, and a Smithereens snub

One of my articles that got cut from the New Jersey Monthly music issue was a short one I did on the Hanukkah concerts mounted by the indie band Yo La Tengo. It was cut because we couldn’t confirm that the shows were going to take place in time to make the print publication. But, since they are going to happen, the folks at NJM were nice enough to put the article on their web site. Here it is.

Meanwhile, Pat DiNizio is (correctly) upset that The Smithereens were left off of NJM‘s NJ music history timeline in that issue. I tried to tell him that it was likely an oversight, but still… there are few acts outside of Springsteen and Bon Jovi that are more closely identified with New Jersey than are The Smithereens. They should have been included. What do you folks think?