Links and my confab with Contessa

First, let’s get the links out of the way:
Here is my New Jersey Monthly article on Robert Randolph.
Also from NJM is a brief article I did about Fountains of Wayne.

Now, here’s the video of my MSNBC appearance, which my boss Keith at TV Squad was kind enough to encode so I could embed it (the embed is at TVS; I have an AVI copy of the video here). I thought I did OK; I even made anchor Contessa Brewer laugh a couple of times. Will I do anything different when (if) I get asked back? Sure. But, at least I didn’t choke under the glare of the cameras; I thought I was going to pull a Cindy Brady and freeze up, but I just ignored the cameras and talked to Contessa. Seemed to work. Watch if you dare:

3 thoughts on “Links and my confab with Contessa

  1. Roger says:

    This is awesome, congrats! I think you did really well.

    Can’t say I’m a fan of the Michael Bay-style continuous camera movement. And what’s the deal with the background noise? I hear a bell ringing? Do they film the show in a restaurant?

  2. Sorry I’m so late getting here, but what a cool gig you have now! I have to agree that most of the candidates’ selections seemed rather contrived, like they were trying to send a message to the voters by their choice alone. I wonder how many of them really have the time to catch any TV, though?

    That’s great that you’re an assistant editor — is that new?

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