I think I was on a blogging strike for a while

Whew, October went in a flash, didn’t it? So much so that I didn’t realize that I hadn’t posted for the entire month until I looked at the blog yesterday.

Anyway, about this writer’s strike

I’m not much of a union guy, but I completely support the TV and movie writers in this dispute. As a freelance writer myself, I know what sort of constant struggle it is to be properly paid for the use of my words in various media. Publishers are increasingly putting in wording in their contracts that give them the right to use our stories on “every medium that will be created in the known universe for infinity plus one” or other such CYA nonsense. But at the very least, we get to keep the right to resell our material on our own (in most cases). TV and movie writers don’t get that choice; a long time ago, they traded the right to own their work for the union protection the WGA gives them. But they still should be compensated for every use of their work, whether it be on TV or DVD or online.

No TV show has been more impacted by online distribution than The Office, so I’ll let them explain why the WGA is on strike, in this video, which contains the same wry humor familiar to fans of the show. Enjoy!

One thought on “I think I was on a blogging strike for a while

  1. This was a good video to get the writer’s perspective — I can’t believe they wrote those webisodes and didn’t even receive a dime for them. I wonder how long the industry can tolerate not having any new shows, maybe once the advertisers start canceling their spots for re-runs?

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