The interview I did in my socks

Here’s the embed of my Attack of the Show appearance last night. They said I did a good job, so who am I to argue?

Yes, that’s my dusty rack of CD’s (my friend Ken will enjoy seeing his handiwork getting a little TV exposure) and a couple of photos of mine in the background. The door on the right is to my kitchen, and I think it’s the only time it’s been closed in the 10 years I’ve lived in this apartment. I wish the webcam wasn’t so choppy, but they were using Yahoo! Messenger and I don’t think it’s particularly fast to begin with. Maybe next time they’ll use AIM and/or iChat.

6 thoughts on “The interview I did in my socks

  1. Not bad considering. You seemed much more at ease, not having to compete with the mad hatter. And just why is a raven like a writing-desk?

  2. Nice headseat. I have one, too — invaluable.

    How was your Philly dining experience? And Tut? I wrote a preview article about the event but didn’t make it over there myself….


  3. Welcome, Jen. Yeah, those Plantronics headsets are pretty damn nice. They especially come in handy when I have to talk and type at the same time.

    Dinner in Philly was excellent. Ever been to Washington Square (the restaurant, not the park)? That’s where we went… really good upscale comfort food. Tut was OK… not worth the money for the ticket, since most of the bigger pieces (like the death mask) were not displayed. No biggie, since I saw all that when I went to Egypt (almost 7 years ago!)…

  4. CL says:

    The headset looks a little like a dredlock. So girls: Joel doesn’t wear dreadlocks. You can bring him home to your mother.

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