Links and another TV appearance… via webcam!

Joel Keller's Facebook profileA few notes:

  • I wrote an article about Newark’s new arena, the Prudential Center, for the October issue of New Jersey Monthly. Here’s the link to the story.
  • I’ll be on G4’s Attack of the Show again tonight, on a segment called “Blog Watch.” I’ll be talking a little about the new fall season, concentrating on the shows G4’s audience loves. Here’s the interesting part: instead of schlepping into New York to do the interview from a satellite studio, I’ll be doing it via webcam from my New Jersey hidey-hole. It should be on between 7:30 – 8 PM ET.
  • I’ve decided to dip another toe into the 21st century by creating a Facebook profile. Click on the badge to the left and you will see it. Hey, throw me a friend invite if you feel like it. Just don’t poke me; that term creeps me out to no end. Next stop on the train from Ludditeville: an iPod! I’ve heard those things are cool.
  • I interviewed Rob McElhenney, creator and co-star of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, for TV Squad. This time, we decided to embed the audio and list highlights rather than transcribe the whole thing. Rob gave a pretty informative and funny interview. Definitely check it out if you’re a fan of the show.

2 thoughts on “Links and another TV appearance… via webcam!

  1. “We found that refrigerators in luxury boxes inhibit people,” Vanderbeek says. “Fans felt like they were hitting the mini-bar in a hotel room:” Refrigerators inhibit from what? Staying sober? The Face thing is new to me. What happens when you get poked? Does it play Dueling Banjos?

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