My latest 15 minutes of “fame”

Here’s my appearance on Attack of the Show last night. Besides the fact that I kept my mouth open the whole time, I don’t think I did too badly. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “My latest 15 minutes of “fame”

  1. Joel, you have a pleasant and yet very authoritative voice. However if you want me to set your pants on fire with my critique, then e-mail me. One of your best assets is that charming cherub smile you have. I better stop now before I get in too deep. I still hope to see the Cash Cab thingy.

  2. Good point about people passing on shows even before the premiere — I’m not interested in watching “Cavemen” and all I saw were the clips in this video! Congrats on your TV appearance, natch.

    Please do send me the links to the Cash Cab videos!

  3. I agree with Wes.

    You write for a tv blog. Gimme the inside scoop. Tell me why Mulholland Drive was denied the airing of the pilot. It was way less contraversial than Twin Peaks.

    Also, any word on whether or not David Lynch will write another pilot?

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