I’m going to be on TV today… I think

For those of you with digital cable, tune in to G4 at either 7 PM or 10 PM ET tonight; I’ll be on the “geek chic” channel’s Attack of the Show, talking about how networks are dealing with pilots that are leaked to BitTorrent and other places on the Interwebs.

Here are the details; the segment I’ll be on is called “The Loop.” This is the third time I’ve done the show, but the first time in about a year. The reason why I say “I think” I’ll be on is that I could be bumped at the very last minute. But right now, I’m 99% sure I’ll be on.

Oh, and later tonight, at 10 PM, I’ll be participating in the second full episode of TV Squad’s revived podcast, which is being hosted by BlogTalkRadio. Details here. So it’s a very busy multimedia kind of day for me. Woo.