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Ahh… it’s always good to announce new stuff of mine that pops up throughout the publishing universe. Why? Well, ego for one thing… I like seeing my name in print. But it also makes me feel good because I know a check with numbers and a dollar sign on it will soon be arriving in the mail. And, as much as I love writing, I love getting paid to write even more.

So, allow me to announce two new pieces:

1) With The Simpsons Movie coming out, I wrote a piece for that examines five other movies that came out while the TV shows they were based on were still running.

2) I will also have a huge profile of Monk creator Andy Breckman coming out in the August issue of New Jersey Monthly. No link yet, but I just wanted to mention it in case you wanted to run right out and get the magazine (which would be hard, since it’s not quite out yet. Should be any day, though).

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  1. Speaking for what few friends I have, (and some people really do like me). We all value your success, and it makes us feel good too!

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