N.Y. Times Motherlode, Parade, Playboy, Indiewire and More

Some of the more interesting stuff I’ve been doing:

I am a staff writer and editor for Mother Nature Network’s site From The Grapevine. Here’s the archive of my blog pieces and articles.

Also, I wrote a journal about adopting a baby for the New York Times Motherlode blog. Here are those entries.

I also write other articles for the Times, similar to this one.

Print pieces for Parade

Interview with Matthew Weiner of Mad Men (4/3/15)

Interview with Al Pacino (3/13/15)

Interview with “Weird Al” Yankovic (10/4/14)

My Parade.com archive


My Playboy.com archive


My Indiewire.com archive

Parade.com, Sports On Earth, Medium and even more FastCo

I haven’t been dormant lately, despite the fact that I haven’t posted in a while:

I’ve also written a few more interesting posts for Fast Company’s Co.Create site; you can find most of my posts here. Some recent highlights:

A profile of Machinima, which streams gamer video to millions (7/8/13)

A feature about the documentary Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic  (5/30/13)

A talk with Greg Daniels about the final season of The Office (5/8/13)

A “New” Antenna Free TV!

aft-logo-2013I can’t really call this “new” because it’s been in place since May, but if you haven’t seen my site Antenna Free TV lately, you really need to go over there.

Yes, the podcast is still there, as it’s been for over two years now. But I’ve partnered with some great entertainment journalists — Mike Moody, Mekeisha Madden Toby and Will Harris — and have built a whole new experience, with daily essays on TV, plus musings from some great writers we’ve brought on board. So take a look and let me know what you think.

2012 Fun: NY Times, AV Club, Vulture, etc.

Even though this is the first time I’ve posted in a while, I haven’t been dormant in 2012. Here’s some of the fun stuff I posted since late 2011:

Carlos Mencia: A Comedian’s Act is Leaner, Not Meaner (New York Times, 11/25/11)

‘Cougar Town’ Creators Try DIY Promotion (New York Times, 2/12/12)

An encounter with Charlie Sheen at the Winter TCAs (XfinityTV.com, 1/9/12)

Here’s a link to all my XfinityTV.com work

Gregg Henry Random Roles interview (AV Club, 7/23/12)

Jim Norton interview (AV Club, 6/29/12)

Bill Paxton interview (Vulture, 5/25/12)

Kevin Costner interview (Vulture, 5/23/12)

Eugene Mirman interview (AV Club 3/28/12)

Steven Van Zandt interview (AV Club 2/6/12)

A new podcast is in town — Antenna Free TV!

Antenna Free TV

Ok, a few weeks ago I referred to a big surprise that was coming. Of course, it wasn’t on the level of a big spoiler or anything; all anyone had to do to find out what it was was to ask. But what I decided was that the old TV Squad podcasts I used to do were so much fun that I wanted to start them up on my own. So with the help of Jason Hughes, who was my usual co-host on those old Podcasts, we’ve started Antenna Free TV.

For now, the new site will only contain the podcast; any musings by me or anyone else about TV can be found there (of course, I still get paid to muse about TV, but it’s just scattered a bit). The plan is for Jason and I to do the podcast weekly with someone from around the TV landscape, whether they’re a fellow critic, someone who manages a fan site, or maybe even a few people who work on actual TV shows. One thing is, though, we’re going to shoot the breeze and generally try to have fun while we record the thing.

The first official podcast is up; you can either listen to it here, download it via this link, subscribe to the RSS feed, or subscribe via iTunes.


AV Club fun and games

AV ClubThe nice folks at The AV Club (the “serious” part of The Onion, if you have to know) have been kind enough to publish interviews and reviews from me since February. I’ve also been able to contribute to a few of their group pieces, which are always fun.

Most of my pieces for them can be found here, though that doesn’t represent all of my work there.


Dick Van Dyke (6/9/11)

Wyatt Cenac (5/13/11)

Paul Reiser (4/14/11)

Chris Elliott (3/13/11)

Tom Colicchio (3/16/11)

Bruce Vilanch (2/23/11)

TV Squad wrap-up

It was a fun ride for five and a half years, but my time at TV Squad and AOL came to an end in May. But I was a busy bee for them during that time (or a busy beaver, depending on your hurried species of choice), doing weekly recaps on a bunch of shows, including ‘Glee’ (whoo boy, did that get tough by the end of the season), ‘Modern Family,’ and — of course — ‘How I Met Your Mother.’

You can read my posts here.

Some Q&As I did for them in 2011:

Mark Burnett (5/20/11)

Mike Schur of ‘Parks and Recreation’ (5/20/11)

Paul Lieberstein of ‘The Office’ (5/18/11)

Chris Colfer (5/17/11)

Damon Wayans (4/27/11)

Diane Lane (4/22/11)

Ryan Stiles (4/20/11)

Norm MacDonald (4/19/11)

Bill Lawrence (4/16/11)

Andy Cohen (4/7/11)

Bethenny Frankel (3/25/11)

John Oliver (3/23/11)

John Lithgow (3/17/11)

Heather Locklear (3/4/11)

Craig Ferguson (2/18/11)

William Shatner (2/3/11)

Stephen Merchant (1/21/11)

A New Look… And Some New Stuff Coming Soon

I decided to freshen things up a bit around here with a new theme, a new color scheme, and a social networking toolbar at the bottom of the screen (UPDATE 6/20/11:  I decided to change that to social networking buttons, which you can find right under my smiling mug on the top right). More surprises coming, including new links to more recent published pieces and… well, I’ll let you know about the big surprise when it happens. Stay tuned!